DIscover The Unknown in Mathematics
Monday: Getting to Know Eachother Welcome Music: Winter, Four Seasons, Vivaldi Presentations of the Schools Logo-Contest and the winner is: Finland Lunch at Graefen Reception with the Mayor Guided Tour Mönchengladbach DITUM-Party at School Tuesday: Companies / Vocational training Presentation of the Companies Discussion of the results House of Crafts - a very modern center of vocational training Ice-Scating on the market place in Mönchengladbach Christmas Market Wednesday: Bus tour "Three countries" Roermond Maaseik Aachen Information about the Cathedral Thursday: Organisation and Games Teachers: Organisation of the work on the next meetings Students: Escape Room Parcours EU-history Leonardos Bridge Paint what Math means to you Geometric Puzzles Evaluation interviews Last evening at Messajero Friday: Orbit and Düsseldorf Orbit Enjoy your Day in Düsseldorf Fernsehturm, Altstadt, Weihnachtsmarkt, Kö, Schadow-Arkaden