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Reise nach Huittinen, Finnland 7. - 13.10.2018


Sunday, 7.10. Arrival day

16.00 Bus picks you up at Helsinki Airport

18.30 Arrival at school, meeting the host families

Monday, 8.10. Welcome to Huittinen, welcome to our school!

9.00 Opening ceremony

Presentation of art projects made at your school

Presentation of our school (optional)

11.30 Lunch at school

12.00 Coordinators meeting

13.00 Visit to town hall, meeting with the mayor of Huittinen

14.00 Town walk, getting to know Huittinen

Free time

18.00 Welcome party at school: dinner, program and fun

Tuesday, 9.10. Visiting companies in Laitila

8.30 Bus leaves at school

10.00 Visit to Laitila brewery and soft drink factory:

12.00 Lunch at an old, traditional farm house

Afternoon: A company visit (This is not yet confirmed, we’ll inform you later)

19.00 Teachers´ dinner at Brewer’s Pub in Huittinen

Wednesday, 10.10. Visiting Turku

8.30 Bus leaves at school

10.00 Visit to Tuorla Observatory:

12.00 Lunch at Tuorla Guesthouse

13.00 Discover Turku with tasks for students

Free time, students can eat with their hosts

18.00 Teachers´ dinner at Brewery & Restaurant Koulu

19.30 Bus leaves back to Huittinen

Thursday, 11.10. Presentations and recreation

9.00 Presentation of art shows

10.30 Coordinators meeting

11.30 Lunch at school

12.00 Sports & activities at Kännönvuori, a recreational park with hiking trails etc. in the forest

Free time

19.00 Teachers’ dinner at Laturinne, a traditional Finnish cottage

Students’ evening

Friday, 12.10. Closing the meeting

9.00 Preparation of tasks for the meeting in Spain (students and teachers)

11.30 Lunch at school

12.00 Closing ceremony at school

13.00 Ice skating

Free time

Italians departure to Helsinki

Saturday, 13.10. Departure day

Departure to Helsinki by private transfer (time can be agreed)

Note: there may be changes in times, and weather also plays a role in some activities.


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