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This Project is sponsered by Erasmus+ within the Education Programme of the European Commission. Thank you!!!

We want to research the history of EU in a young (fit for pupils) manner and present it as a MUSICAL.

The plot may be:

Six friends come together in 1957 with a good idea of working together. This idea is that good that new friends join them and more and more and more friends (countries) join them and they work together in a wider and deeper way. And then they have problems and crises and they struggle and are friends again and at least they get the Nobel Peace Prize in 2012. The last act will be open to the future how the pupils see their future in the EU. (Turkey? Ukraine? and what ever will happen until the end of our project.)

We focus with this musical on the good things EU means to the European people. In the news we always see the European crisis. The musical don't talk about money but about working together and singing the "Song of Joy", which is the manifestation of freedom, peace and solidarity.

By the way we will produce an INSTRUCTION BOOK including stage direction, technical requirements, proposals for costumes and stage decoration and live performances of students in English and in the mother tongues. Students will also shoot a film of their play. The project website will be created so as to ensure the dissemination of he project.

Each country experienced the history of the EU in it's own individual way. The pupils and even the teachers don't have that much knowledge about the development of the EU, the history of the other European countries and their view on their aims in general. So for us it is important to find a cultural, social and empathic way to that dry topic.When we start our project we will have the first president of the EU who is elected directly by the European people.

A project like we have planned it requires not only writing and reading skills but above all researching and speaking in a foreign language (English). The project also demands teamwork, creativity, a change in perspective and destruction of prejudices. The pupils should experience the other countries' cultures and views upon the foundation and development of the EU.

The main focus of the EU lies on peacekeeping, open minded discussions, which can only be reached together. We intend to tear down walls, borders and prejudices in thinking about each other. This is even more important in times when the people are mainly talking about economy and financial crises. Today it is needful to sing the "Song of Joy" and keep the spirit of freedom alive. The Nobel Peace Prize for the EU means a challenge to all of us. And it reminds us of the fact for what we have come together and why it is not our aim to split up again.